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Neware provides 4 main battery testing system series for the international market, with thousands of models with different current & voltage ranges and different features available. No matter whether you are engaged with a battery manufacturing company or some research & development institute, our battery testing systems are always there for your specified needs.

neware tester product

Neware Product Series

  • BTS-4000 Cell Tester

    BTS-4000 Cell Tester

    BTS 4000 entered into market in the year of 2008. Now it is one of the most successful and most
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  • BTS-4000 Module Tester

    BTS-4000 Module Tester

    Battery Analyzer/ Capacity Tester / Battery Cycler Contact us, the details of specification will be sent. You will get to know
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  • BTS-9000


    BTS9000 is based on Neware 6th-generation testing system. It's designed for battery material research, high-precision tests, pulse charge/discharge tests, DCIR
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  • BTS-8000


    BTS 8000 - Electric Vehicle Battery Drive Cycle Testing System Drive Cycle Simulation, HPPC, Capacity, Cycle Life Tests ♦Multi-current Ranges to
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  • IGBT-7000


    BTS 7000 - High Voltage Battery Testing System for Module&Pack HPPC, Capacity, Cycle Life, Over-charge, Over-discharge CAN Bus Supported to Acquire
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    BVIR - Portable Voltage & AC Resistance Meter Voltage, AC Resistance as Defined by IEC Standards ⊕Portable⊕AC Resistance and Voltage⊕4-Wire (Kelvin)
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