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BTS 7000 - High Voltage Battery Testing System for Module&Pack

HPPC, Capacity, Cycle Life, Over-charge, Over-discharge

neware battery tester high power

CAN Bus Supported to Acquire Data from BMS (Battery Management System)
Up to 800kVA
0.1% Full-scale Accuracy for Current & Voltage
<=50ms Response Time
1Hz Data Acquisition Frequency, 10Hz Optional
Return Discharging Energy Back to Electrical Grid

Simulation Test

neware battery cycler-simulation test

The IGBT system integrates power electronics, high-performance embedded systems and high-reliability processing technology; It is a ideal test platform for power and energy system such as automotive power packs, electric tools, storage power plants, etc.

  • Current Plus Width: 100ms
  • Data download: 1,000,000 steps
  • Two mode: t-P mode/ t-I mode 


Top Specification

Item IGBT-7000(750V300A)
AC Input AC380±10%/50HZ
Resolution AD:16bit/DA:14bit
Min Plus Width 100ms
Voltage Accuracy/ Range 0.1% FS/ 25V~750V
Current Accuracy/ Range 0.1% FS/1.5A~300A
Hardware Response Time ≤10ms
Data Frequency 10HZ
CC to DC Transfer Time ≤20ms(10%~90% or 90%~10%)
Charge and Discharge Efficiency 94%(Operate full power)
Connect A/B/C/N/PE
Transformer Frequency Isolation Transformer
PFC ≥0.99
THD ≤5%


About the IGBT-7000 System Power Quality

AC-to-DC-Neware Battery Tester DC-to-AC-Neware Battery Tester PF0.99-Neware Battery Tester
 AC to DC Current Voltage Phase DC to AC Current Voltage Phase  PF≥0.99



IGBT-7000-Batteries-Pack-Tester-Neware-Cycler-1 IGBT-7000-Batteries-Pack-Tester-Neware-Cycler-2


Not only for Electric Vehicle Batteries, but also for Energy Storage System Batteries Pack. Neware IGBT-7000 battery tester can do it !

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